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Water & Fire Bowls



Beige - Buff
Gray 61
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Enhance your outdoor ambiance with our captivating cast stone water and fire bowls. These versatile and stylish features add a touch of luxury and tranquility to any setting. Meticulously crafted, our water and fire bowls combine artistry with functionality, creating mesmerizing focal points for your outdoor entertaining spaces. Experience the soothing sounds of cascading water or the mesmerizing glow of dancing flames with our exquisite cast stone bowls.

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Cast Type

Dry Cast, Wet Cast


21" round/ spout or no spout, 27" round/ spout or no spout, 30" tapered/ no spout, 33" spout or no spout, 33" round or square, 37" round/ spout or no spout, 42" round/ spout or no spout, 54" round/ spout or no spout


White, Beige – Buff, Gray 61

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